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Pure Tungsten

Atomic Spectrometric Determination of Impurities in Pure Tungsten and Components in Tungsten-based Alloys

Tungstesn Heaay Alloy

After sintering, radial shrinkage of WP parts is lower, and WP can improve microstructure of tungsten heavy alloys.

Copper Tungsten

We are specialized in the producing and processing of tungsten alloy of high proportion, copper tungsten alloy, hard alloy and relevant products

Tungsten Carbide

It provides higher abrasion resistance compared to tungsten carbide at the expense of some toughness.


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Welcome to Weison Advanced Materials!

China's Premier Tungsten, Tungsten Alloy & Molybdenum Supplier Weison Advanced Materials Company Limited (or WEISON) offers top-rated tungsten products, catering to the specific requirements of the customers. We track upscale innovations on Tungsten/Wolfram and industrial demands for manufacturing the durable, versatile, and excellent range of products. In addition, we have a QA team of experts for assuring high-quality standards of the production.
As a leading manufacturing unit and supplier, we have the finest products in the category of Pure Tungsten, Tungsten Heavy Alloy, Copper Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide, Molybdenum & More. You can explore the product pages to find lucid information about their purity, density, tensile strength, dimension, and various specifications. From helicopter blade weights to tungsten wires, we stock a massive range of reliable products.
Tungsten Alloy, Pure Tungsten, and Copper Tungsten have widespread applications in the Aerospace, Aviation, Medical, Energy, and Oil industry. Tracking the worldwide innovations on Tungsten and employing the best professionals at work, we produce robust and resourceful products for their respective applications. Intensive research and modern technologies help us in analyzing, improving, and optimizing tungsten materials & products.
Since its inception in the industry, WEISON has given foremost priority to components and structure for material consistency and performance. Consequently, our professionals paid utmost attention to designing components, composition, and vital attributes for strengthening material performances. Not just that, the improvements brought in ductility and machinability make the final products ideal for heavy applications.
At WEISON, we have focused on a new technique called powder metallurgy that helps us manufacture an impeccable variety of Tungsten-based products, showcasing outstanding performance and versatility. This technology is the main production process of refractory metals, which includes Tungsten and its alloys. Therefore, our industrious engineers put their fabulous efforts in delivering premium quality results.
We are thankful for a dedicated workforce partnering us while taking on mammoth challenges of top-quality production. We invite customers to submit drawings and specific requirements for technical advice on materials, production, and related matters. All kinds of advice are offered with complete discretion.
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Pure Tungsten
Tungsten has the highest melting point (3422°C) of all the non-alloyed metals.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Heavy Tungsten Alloy bears the high density ranging 17.0-18.8g/cc (90-98W).


Copper Tungsten
RCopper tungsten, as the name suggests, is composed of tungsten and copper.


Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten carbide (WC) is an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts


Pure Molybdenum is well known for its high melting point, 2620 °C, however


Weison found that components and structure of material play a decisive role




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22 December

Choosing The Right Tungsten Carbide Ball Material For Aggressive Environments Tungsten carbide is a homogenous mixture of tungsten carbide grains in a binder matrix, with cobalt being the most commonly used ..

26 November

    Tungsten Carbide (WC) is an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts of pure tungsten and carbon atoms. Tungsten carbide in its most basic form is a fine grey powder, but can be processed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives, as well as in jewelry products.

29 October

    Tungsten Carbide Grit is well-known for use in hardfacing applications such as on rotary rock bits and tool joint connections that are used primarily in well drilling where tools must withstand severe abrasion and the stresses of high impacts.Manufacturers in the prior art, grits have been made by crushing and

30 August

    ungsten carbide grit is the material applied to components of applications with a high level of abrasion. It’s applied as an overlay through the process called ‘hardfacing’. Through the method of hardfacing in metal working,Through the method of hardfacing in metal Tungsten carbide grit is

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