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Pure Tungsten

Atomic Spectrometric Determination of Impurities in Pure Tungsten and Components in Tungsten-based Alloys

Tungstesn Heaay Alloy

After sintering, radial shrinkage of WP parts is lower, and WP can improve microstructure of tungsten heavy alloys.

Copper Tungsten

We are specialized in the producing and processing of tungsten alloy of high proportion, copper tungsten alloy, hard alloy and relevant products

Tungsten Carbide

It provides higher abrasion resistance compared to tungsten carbide at the expense of some toughness.



In order to reduce customer¨s intermediate links and strive to make our customers peace of mind and effort,we provide a very attentive service as our value-added services--logistics system.Our company logistics system is aiming at customer service、quickly and in-time as the goal,targeting economization,scale optimization and adjustment of inventory.Our logistics system is composed of commodity packaging、storage、transportation、testing、distribution processing、repackaging and international distribution 、customs declaration & inspection and so on.We will transport goods with steady packing to dock/pork by road transportation or air transportation directly after we finish goods with double inspection. the goods subsequently ship to customers around the world by ocean freight or air freight.even door to door one stop road transportation.Our logistics system ensure that our company will offer the most comprehensive service to customers.

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