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Pure Tungsten

Atomic Spectrometric Determination of Impurities in Pure Tungsten and Components in Tungsten-based Alloys

Tungstesn Heaay Alloy

After sintering, radial shrinkage of WP parts is lower, and WP can improve microstructure of tungsten heavy alloys.

Copper Tungsten

We are specialized in the producing and processing of tungsten alloy of high proportion, copper tungsten alloy, hard alloy and relevant products

Tungsten Carbide

It provides higher abrasion resistance compared to tungsten carbide at the expense of some toughness.


Refractory Metal - Other

Weison found that components and structure of material play a decisive role in material performance. Meanwhile, material performance has significant effect on its applications. Therefore WEISON pays much diligence to component design and composition, adopt multi-components base on tungsten source to strengthen materials performance, satisfy the intensity and expansion coefficient of different metal elements matching requirements, to better meet the needs of different occasions. In addition, according to modern powder metallurgy, new techniques to manufacture a great variety of high density and high performance tungsten based products with great versatility.
Tungsten based materials(W-based): W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Cu, W-Ni-Co, W-Co, W-Ni-Mn, W-Ni-Ag, W-Ni-Ti, W-Ta, W-Mo, and W-Re.

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